BRUCE Apparel



Gday lads,

They call me Bruce. How are ya?

I guess you are wondering what the hell this whole BRUCE active menswear apparel thing is all about. Well if you have a few minutes I’ll fill you in.

Like most people called Bruce, I’ve read the book on how to be a good bloke (might not have read the book on how to be humble!) Actually, come to think of it, there aren’t many people named Bruce who haven’t read the book.

Try and think of a Bruce who’s not a good bloke? I bet you can’t. If you delve even further, you’ll come to the realisation that the best athletes/people in the world are named Bruce. Fact. Must be something magical in the name.

Bruce doesn’t suit some mincey mirror-man who cries watching re-runs of Sex in the City and spends more money on his man bag than he does on beer. It’s got grunt. It oozes testosterone. Bruce. Say it out loud. You’ll feel better straight away.

Think about the best Bruce’s of the world, past and present?

BRUCE LEE – Kung Fu royalty. Sinewy. Fast. Strong. Yes, maybe his lip synching needed work but on the up side, scholars have since discovered he was so powerful he even had muscles in his poo. True story.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN – The Boss. The biggest rock star in the 80s along with Michael ‘Wacko’ Jackson. Difference between the two was Bruce Springsteen was so down to earth, you could have a beer with him at his local bar if you timed it right.

BRUCE DOULL – This man is the definitive Bruce. No bullshit, no excess talk. He just put on that head band every week, donned that Carlton jumper and made life hell for his opponents.

BRUCE JENNER – Good bloke or at least he used to be. Can’t take the Gold medals away or the time he appeared in playgirl though, but it’s safe to say he’s not such a good bloke anymore…. more a good chick.

Anyway, carrying on. So what is BRUCE Apparel? I’ll start by telling what BRUCE Apparel isn’t. If you’re a bloke who parades around in lycra, then Bruce ain’t for you. Don’t get me wrong, Bruce loves lycra, almost as much as I like speaking in third person, and I love it wrapped around a women’s body, but Bruce cannot quite get his head around a bloke who dresses the same.

Bruce is all about equality but realises men and women are different, and body tight lycra is one of the products where our differences should be celebrated, not imitated.

Have you ever wolf whistled a girl (very risky move in the PC world) got closer and embarrassingly realised once they’ve turned around that they’ve got a beard and a top knot? Well those new age, leg waxing, mincers probably wouldn’t like Bruce either.

What Bruce is all about is men’s active apparel. Designed for men who like to work out. Who loves the outdoors. Who like to look good in apparel that is comfortable, is ecologically friendly, and simply looks stylish and masculine. The beauty of BRUCE Apparel is you will be just as comfortable wearing it running around the park, or playing tennis, or doing 10 chins at the local monkey bar as you would be having a couple of beers off the wood with the boys on a Saturday afternoon.

Bruce doesn’t design clothes he wouldn’t wear. If you agonise over your rig, spend more time in the gym looking in the mirror seeking perfection rather than living and hanging out with your mates then you won’t get along that well with Bruce. But if you like being active and you feel life is all about adventure and sucking the marrow out of every day, then BRUCE Apparel is what you’ve been looking for.

Check out the range. We only sell online to keep the costs down and the quality up. Bruce is happy with the way it came out and I’m sure you will be too.