BRUCE Apparel



On a warm Perth afternoon, four mates were cooling down after a run, beers in hand, discussing a friend who needed help… the kind of help men don’t talk enough about. This vital conversation evolved into one about the good that could come from replicating a scenario like this, macro – helping Aussie men be better blokes through moving, talking and listening.

The Bruce Collective was born. A network that brings experts and like-minded blokes together to provide them with the tools for more balanced living.

Oh yeah… and they created a uniform to do the moving bit in - Bruce Apparel. Simple, unpretentious, sustainable, grounded in performance and just for blokes, consider it a club uniform for movement - be it running, walking, shifting iron or just a family jaunt to the local café or pub.


“Bruce” is more than just a brand name it’s the term we use for the collective of blokes who live the Bruce life.

The Bruce wellness philosophy operates with debits and credits…

Do we work hard? Yep. Do we want to look fit? Absolutely. But enjoying the good things in life is right up there too. That run we did this morning… that’s credits for the beer this afternoon or dessert tonight.

We don’t sweat the small stuff but take the important stuff seriously…

Like men’s health and impacts. We want to be part of a solution that sees blokes talk to blokes, listening and solving problems together for the good of themselves and others.

We’re not vain but we do care to look good, with low fuss…

We deserve gear that looks good and performs well. We like the idea of helping the planet and, where it’s easy (like a byproduct of the stuff we buy) we will. If you asked a Bruce guy what his style is, he’d shrug and say, “I don’t know. Blokey but nice?”

And why the name BRUCE, try and think of a Bruce who's not a great bloke? I bet you can't. 

Thanks for your support.