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You Gotta Move

Brucey’s Pearls of Wisdom

While not all of you are blessed with Bruce’s acumen on world issues, you don’t have to have a degree in atomic physics to know there’s an obesity crisis effecting the western world. It’s literally in your face (some people just shouldn’t wear active wear if you know what I mean).

What Bruce cannot really get his head around though is there are still people who firstly choose the escalators and elevators over stairs, and secondly, when they do use these mechanical fat enhancers, they refuse to actually walk up and down them.

Our lifestyle has never been more sedentary. And without going into what we actually put in our guts (that’s a story for another time), there are still ways to go about improving our health by simply not choosing the easiest options.

It’s simple. Move. Or more specifically walk!

If you’re at the shopping centre or an airport, in a unit block, or anywhere where there is an option to take the stairs over a mechanically assisted escalator or elevator, take it.

If there isn’t an option, then at least walk on the escalator. An elevator? Get down and do 20 push ups while you’re waiting for your floor (good way to freak out other patrons too).

It’s a pet hate of Bruce’s when people park their barge arses right in the middle of the escalator, clogging the flow and causing fellow pedestrians to have an even more sedentary lifestyle than they already do.

If you have an escalator freeloader clogging your path. Speak up. Tell ‘em to move their chunky butt to the left (or right if you’re in the USA or most of Europe). We need to start a movement. It needs to be a cultural faux pas to be an escalator lump.

I don’t want to be negative however. Bruce is always solutions focused. Movement, combined with a healthy eating pattern is what is going to keep this generation of humanoids healthy.

If you hate gyms, or don’t want to train like an athlete, or just prefer gentler methods of exercise, then simple movement is what it’s all about.

And it is all about using common sense.

The little things done consistently all add up.

Park the car further away from the entrance at shopping centres. Use the stairs, especially if you work in a high-rise building. Walk to the corner shop instead of driving. Ride to the beach instead of driving. Walk to work if it’s close enough or get off at the bus stop a few stops early. There are so many creative options.

Those extra’s steps over a week, a month, a year certainly add up. You’ll have a healthier heart; the kilo’s will drop off and you’ll be happier for having the exercise in your life.

Catch ya soon,